Is Donk Racing the Future?

How Donk Racing is shaping the future of the culture and The Donk Contest

Is Donk Racing the future of sport? A look at a top speed engine. Many Donks use Chevy big block motors. These machines have great power and good control. The best racing engine is a supercharged V8 engine, the V8 engine can be run with supercharged motors. The best way to do this is to have the big block motors. Many Donks in Florida use this configuration when they begin to race. These motors have the same power and good control as many big sportscars. Some you have heard of such Ferrari and Lamborghini. The more powerful, the better and the better you are getting as the more power goes faster in the quarter mile race. Recently Vice did video about Donk Racing and we at the Donk Contest believe this is sport of the future. A simple, simple concept of motors on the road makes big difference. One of the most important aspects of the engine, you see is how much torque it produces to propel car from start line to finish. Not only is Donk Racing fun for Donk Drivers it is also fun for spectators. A little bit of fun is a great opportunity for increasing the events at the Donk Contest. We are investigating how to add Donk Racing to our annual Texas Relays Car Show and Cultural Festival at Capital Plaza in Austin, Texas. We are taking the opportunity to get some feedback from people. We want to give the audience a chance to to tell us if they want Donk Racing in Austin, Texas. As we try to help the Donk community we want to grow interest in these magnificent and beautiful cars. We have a new show coming up next year and it is bigger than all previous years combined. The cancellation of 2020 show only mean much bigger show next year. A special one for Donk Drivers. We want to include slab races. Slabs are known as Slow Loud And Banging but we believe prize for race will make them Flabs as in Fast Loud And Banging. We hope that there are other teams in the Austin area who want to compete to be champion of Donk Racing League. In order to continue providing a chance to share best show with everyone we hope people will like this form of racing and competition. This is on top of Donk Contest car show and Twerk Show. The Texas Relays Car Show is hosted at Capital Plaza but race might be at a new location for ensure safety. Please watch Vice video below and tell us if you want Donk Racing at the annual Donk Contest Car Show. If you have not already witnessed Donk Racing or the car show you will be amazed. Your eyes will pop from skull in awe of the spectacle and art. Our goal is to help the Donk and Slab community in Texas and world. We want to show the world about it. Similar to how popular Nascar is we want Donk Racing to be more popular. This is an exciting opportunity to show all Texas and world what our culture brings to cars. We are trying to give this event a huge budget and will make it extreme amazing. We also hope to get everyone in Austin to visit event except for Mayor who is not fan of our event.

Vice DonkMaster Racing Trailer:

– Max