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Founded by Deykon Harris, The Texas Relays Donk Contest Car Show and Cultural Festival is a free, not-for-profit event that celebrates the art and culture of custom car creations from around the world. The event features custom cars from all cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities, and is driven by a commitment to promoting the culture, innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. The show has become a destination for car enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the unique beauty of each car on display. The event always takes place on the Saturday of Texas Relays Weekend, which is an annual track and field competition hosted by The University of Texas and held at Mike A. Myers Stadium in Austin, Texas.

Event Info

  • Venue Information
    • Originally held at Highland Mall until 2016.
    • Held at The Domain Mall and Capital Plaza in Austin, Texas 2016-2019.
    • Hosted special pop-up Donk Contest event in South Beach, Miami in 2019.
    • Organized 6 large white labeled car show events in San Francisco Bay Area in 2021.
    • Held in front of Texas State Capitol Building on Congress Avenue in 2021.
    • Held at Givens Park 2022-Present.
  • Attendee Information
    • Over 11,000 active registered sign ups and readers of the Donk Contest Newsletter.
    • Average 5,000 unique ticket registrations per year with peak 8,000 tickets for 2022 event.
    • Over 4,300 unique cars registered between years 2016-2022
    • Attendees have come from 12 US states.
  • The Vehicles
    • Donk Cars
      • Typically a 1971-1976 Chevrolet Caprice and Impala on large wheels which can go beyond 32″.
      • Definition of Donk cars has expanded to include all kinds of American cars, including 1990s and beyond Crown Victoria’s and the like.
      • Donk cars can have themed paintjobs which can range from famous candy and cereal cereal brands to even large tech corporations.
      • Donk cars can be found largely throughout the American Southeast.
    • SLAB Cars
      • SLAB stands for Slow, Loud, and Bangin’.
      • Cars with extending wire wheels known as Swangas.
      • Often painted in candy colours in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple.
      • SLAB cars are a product of Houston car culture.

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Donk Contest Documentary

2023 Texas Relays Donk Contest Car Show and Cultural Festival Flyer

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Brand Guidelines


Our logo is the most immediate and most recognizable representation of the Texas Relays Donk Contest Car Show and Cultural Festival brand. It builds upon our history, while communicating with a spirit and forward-looking outlook on the future of our events. Our logo evokes immediate trust from the community.

Usage Rules

  • The logo may never be altered, rotated, or modified.
  • Do not split Donk Contest logo from logo type.
  • Only official communications from the Donk Contest may split logo.

Colour Palette

Mango Yellow Pantone 7549cCMYK 0, 24, 90, 1RGB 252, 191, 26HEX FCBF1A Dark Green Pantone Black 3cCMYK 24, 0, 12, 84RGB 32, 42, 37HEX 202A25 Pantone 7506cCMYK 0, 10, 27, 8RGB 235, 211, 172HEX EBD3AC Primary Secondary Tertiary Wheat Pantone 7771cCMYK 0, 5, 47, 69RGB 78, 74, 41HEX 4E4A29 Army Green White type Donk Contest Donk Contest

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