Donk Contest Documentary – Released

Short documentary showing the origins of the Texas Relays Car Show in Austin, Texas released.

The Donk Contest is proud to start the new year with a fresh new documentary that takes a look back at the origins of the Donk Contest Car Show in Austin, Texas. As many of you may remember, the Texas Relays Car Show originally started at the famous Highland Mall in Central Austin. Each year on the Saturday of Texas Relays Weekend in Austin, Texas, donks, slabs, and foreign cars from all over the great state would meet at the Highland Mall parking lot to show off their rides. The weekends were filled with wild modifications and not just standard four wheeled vehicles. This three minute documentary takes viewers through the early days and shows a teaser of what’s to come. 2018 is a big year for the Donk Contest. We have been rapidly reinvesting company funds to create the best car show in Austin, Texas on March 31, 2018. This documentary was commissioned by Deykon and was completed by professional producers and editors in LA.

Donk Contest Documentary | Texas Relays Car Show

– Travis O’Connor