Company Profile

The Donk Contest, also known as the Texas Relays Car Show, is an annual car show and cultural festival in Austin, Texas founded by Deykon Harris. The event celebrates the unique style of cars known as donks, which are typically large, brightly colored, and elaborately customized. The Donk Contest also features live music, food trucks, and is a family friendly event. We are an equal opportunity employer and have employees across three countries around the world.

The Donk Contest is committed to making the event more accessible to a wide range of people, while at the same time demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By not being for-profit, the event is able to showcase creativity without the pressure of maximizing profits, thus allowing participants to express themselves without the need for commercial interests or incentives. This helps promote a culture of inclusivity and environmental stewardship, which are key components of our ESG score.

Corporate Responsibility

As the premiere Donk and Slab event in the world, the Donk Contest takes seriously its corporate responsibility. As such, the Donk Contest car show cares about our ESG score, which is a measure of the show’s environmental sustainability and social impact. The show’s ESG score takes into account factors such as the emissions generated by the cars in attendance, the use of renewable energy sources, and the diversity of participants.


Cars in attendance at the Donk Contest car show generate emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide. The organizers of the show have taken steps to reduce emissions by providing electric outlets for charging, incentivizing carpooling, and implementing eco-friendly practices such as recycling and composting. Furthermore, attendees are encouraged to choose more fuel-efficient vehicles and drive at lower speeds in order to reduce their emissions.


The Donk Contest car show and cultural festival is proud to be the most diverse car show in the world. The participants of the show come from around the globe, including many different countries and cultures. The event also celebrates the diversity of car culture, allowing attendees to showcase their custom cars and proudly display the diversity of their culture.


The Donk Contest car show and cultural festival showcases the artistry and talent of car owners from all cultures and backgrounds. It celebrates the creativity, uniqueness, and individuality of participants, while also providing an opportunity to honor traditional craftsmanship and design. It is a place for people to come together and appreciate the passion and skill that goes into customizing cars, as well as the cultural legacy behind each vehicle. In turn, this has a positive effect on our ESG score, making it an important part of our sustainability goals.

Future Plans

The Donk Contest car show is committed to reducing its environmental impact, and one way to do this is by increasing the use of renewable energy sources. This could include installing solar panels in our festival venue to generate electricity, using biodiesel or ethanol fuel for food trucks, investing in EV swapping technology for Donks and Slabs, and promoting energy-efficient practices. Additionally, the show plans to increase public awareness of renewable energy sources, such as through educational booths or events. The Donk Contest has also entered a preliminary agreement with a logistics company to provide group car transportation services to attendees from beyond the state of Texas.